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> Digital Upgrade for Steam Turbine Drive Governor Controls

In its latest example of leadership in digital control technology for nuclear plants, Hurst Technologies Corp is working with engineers at Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant to replace the governor controls for the plant’s turbine-driven auxiliary feedwater (AFW) pump. This safety-critical piece of equipment is a Terry Turbine GS-1 turbine/pump set.

The AFW system supplies cooling water to the primary steam generator/reactor under emergency conditions, or whenever the main feedwater system is unavailable. Consisting of two motor-driven pumps and one steam-turbine driven pump, the AFW system must be on constant standby and fully operable.
This upgrade project follows Hurst’s pioneering work in replacing the EG-M/EG-R based governor controls with a Woodward 505 digital governor controller in the AFW system at Wolf Creek’s sister plant, Callaway.

Earlier, Hurst was the principal investigator for EPRI’s guide for this key system controls replacement, with oversight of both I&C and mechanical aspects of the replacement for the new electric planetary roller screw actuator.

Background. Terry Turbine Corp provided electronic governor controls for single-actuator steam turbines used in high-pressure coolant injection (HPCI), reactor core isolation cooling (RCIC), and auxiliary feedwater (AFW) systems for Terry CCS, GS, and ZS frame steam turbine drives. The main components for the governor controls were made by Woodward Controls (now part of General Electric). They comprise the electric governor - magnetic (EG-M), the ramp generator signal convertor (RGSC), and the electric governor - remote (EG-R) matched to a remote servo to drive the steam turbine governor valve stem. These parts (new) have not been manufactured by Woodward since the late 1980’s. Parts refurbishment has all but ceased as original components become unavailable.
Dresser-Rand Corporation purchased the Terry Turbine Company and has OEM and design basis authority for the Terry Turbines. Dresser-Rand offers a new digital control system to replace the original Terry supplied system.

In addition to our involvement with pioneering solutions, Hurst closely monitors recent plant events with both the new digital control systems and the old control system failures. If your plant is facing similar issues, put our industry leading experience to work for you. Contact Darrell Cooksey at 979-849-5068 or


> Digital Upgrades for Nuclear Plants

Hurst Technologies is on the front wave of activity in retrofitting nuclear plant control systems with digital technology. The latest example is the replacement of the annunciator, plant process computer (PPC), and simulator at an upper Midwest nuclear plant. HTC functions as the owner’s engineer.

When the project is completed, scheduled for mid-2014, plant operators will use 23 video display unit (VDU) touch screens that will take the place of the old analog-based annunciator board in the control room. According to the project engineers, the technology employed is unique – it hasn’t even found its way into fossil plants. read more


> “Understand The Technology”

Houston Lighting & Power, South Texas Nuclear Plant; Houston, Texas

When Houston Lighting and Power decided to pursue the upgrade or replacement of current plant computer equipment at their South Texas Nuclear Plant, they turned to Hurst Technologies for technical design services. Skilled at plant process computing equipment, and knowledgeable about Nuclear Power Plants and Instrumentation and Control Systems, Hurst Technologies was best suited to provide HL&P with the best solution. read more


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